It’s good to have an ER around with all the BS. Now if I can RAP in a few thoughts…

BrownTrout Publishing had been doing my New England Black and White calendar from 2003 to 2006. But it was cancelled in 2007, along with all of the other b&w calendars, including David Muench’s, Kim Weston’s and Keith Carters. WOW, my name in with these guys? I did manage to contract for the 2008 NJ Wild and Scenic calendar in color.

But the b&w’s were cancelled because they just were not selling. I think the main reason was because the reproductions were just not up to par. I enjoy working with them and I tried to get them to put 2 inch borders instead of bleeding to the edges, but they would not change.

Still, even with this exposure, I do not sell many prints. I make more money selling my color work as stock then print sales. Google my name, Rob Pietri, or Robert Pietri, see what you get. I have very good placement in the directories. But sales just are not happening for me. Ebay is looking more interesting.

Plenty of wannabes out there and not just in photography. You register with these art sites to show your work and you realize just how flooded the market is with all kinds of two dimensional art to the point where it is becoming a commodity, all competing essentially for the same dollars.