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Sure you work hard, travel 5 months a year, sleep in cheap hotels, etc, etc, etc.... you've said so many times here. No one could possibly accuse you of not working hard. We all do. But the way I see it, anytime someone can do what it is they love to do, it is a gift. As I said, there are a great number of photographers out there that are equally deserving. The fact you and I are where we are and they are where they are has as much to do with luck and a gainfully emplyed spouse as it does hard work. Take that away and we are in the back of B&W buying ads to self-promote with all the other want to be's.

Bill, doing what you love to do for a living is not a gift, it's a choice, and a harder choice as well. Most people choose the easy route, they go for the safer job or the job that suits their skills.

I believe that there is an element of luck out there, however I also believe that people either make their own luck or at least increase the possibility of being lucky. What is that saying, "chance favors the prepared mind"?

As for my wife being gainfully employed, which she is, the fact that I did very well as a photographer at a very early age has a lot to do with my circumstances now. I made a substantial living for a very long time and a lot of those resources have been poured into my change of careers. Was that 25 year career all luck? Did I have nothing to do with that?

Throughout the course of everyone's life there is one fork in the road after another. Every single day people make decisions that alter the course of their lives, for better or worse. Calling it luck is removing yourself from responsibility for it's success or failure. It's just as easy for someone who sits in front of the TV all day long and never gets anything done to attribute their lack of success with being "unlucky".

Bill I agree that there are many photographers out there who may be deserving of success, but maybe if they were truly deserving, by skill or effort or both, they would be. And not everyone does work hard. It's very easy to say that everyone works hard, it's a popular thing to say, but statistics would prove you wrong. What is that recent statistic? The average employee spends 90 minutes a day during business hours cruising the internet unrelated to their work? How many landscapes online do you see done on sunny easy days shot midday. How many of the landscape prints available for sale on the internet and eBay are shot by someone who has never gotten up early, walked the extra mile. or waited hours for the light to get right? It sure seems like most of them.

I know your work, you get up early, you go out in bad weather, you do what needs to be done, you really work at it, but that is not common. And you haven't reached your level based on luck, you've reached it based on talent, commitment and effort.