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The lens is a great lens but it is not specifically designed for macro work. Modern macro lenses are usually symetrical in design which enhances corner to corner resolution in the higher magnification ranges. Schneider does make a 120 Macro Symmar HM and you may be confusing the two.

BTW the buy of the year is the 120 Nikkor Macro that is available new from B&H at a closeout price of $299 which is several hundred dollars less than they sell for used most of the time. If you watn a macro lens in this focal length don't pass this uo, they won't last long.
I am aware of the Macro Symmar HM [also the Rodenstock 120 Apo Macro] they have too little cover for me [none] at my magnification ratios, unfortunately the Nikon is equally unusable.
Oddly, I saw a person pay more for a pre-owned Nikon Macro AM ED on ebay then the B&H new price.

I'm trying to find the best flexible 120 f5.6 with a compromise of good near-far performance with the most coverage. The macro lenses list their coverage at high magnification 1:1 while a Super Symmar HM is listed at infinity and has the most coverage. If the macro lens cover is calculated at infinity I believe the listed coverage is halfed.

My only practical choices at 120'ish are the Super Symmar HM and the Fuji 125 f5.6 CMW neither is symmetrical but Schneider claims to design to 1:3 magnification [a 15" subject diameter with 4"x5"] on their Super Symmar XLs [too costly,] and the Apo Symmars. I have seen nothing about the Fuji. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything specific about my preferred Super Symmar HM either.