I am a well travelled Brit-Git that has retired from active necessary wage earning. I started my photographic exploits in the Middle East under the guidance of NATO during the first of many Suez conflicts in the early fifties, the least said about that the better, but it was a real eye opener as to human behavior.
A few years later I moved to London and became well involved in the investigation of crime and forensics, yet another eye opener.
About twenty five years later I decided to change my modus operandi and became a Freelance Photographer under the guise of PicTec, incorporated in 1982. I worked and travelled around the UK attending photographing and writing reports Yachting events.
My family then started to influence me in my work. My three daughters
all had an artistic flair and although I tried to keep them near to home for selfish reasons, it was not to be. All attended art schools and are now well established artists in the States and in UK. None took up the photography bait!
So, I am now left alone with my wife of 53 years to do just as I please within the law. I still take commissions for photographic and art work which helps the domestic budget.
Over the years I have retained all my photograpic equipment, never bothering to chop it in to update gear, all is still in very good working order. My equipment range is: 5X4 to 35mm with all the usual ancillary equipment and lenses.
My life long ambition is to make work and pleasure synonymous, I think I have made it....Stan. L-B