Wow! Only 7 days into the sign up period and we're off to a good start with 26 participants so far:
  1. Dianna
  2. Gay Larson
  3. jstraw
  4. t_nunn
  5. Chuck1
  6. UKJohn
  7. Ole
  8. vet173
  9. BirgerA
  10. rduraoc
  11. Marc Leest
  12. George Papantoniou
  13. dschneller
  14. reellis67
  15. photobum
  16. Anupam Basu
  17. Kobin
  18. BWKate
  19. winger
  20. matti
  21. morpheuse
  22. jeroldharter
  23. light leak
  24. Dan Fullerton
  25. Black Dog
  26. HowardDvorin
Sign up period ends at the end of January.

Just a reminder to start your printing now! It's just one print and there's this big holiday break going on, so get in the darkroom and start your printing! This way, you'll be all set to mail your print when I pair you up at the end of the sign up period.

Regards, Art.