I've bought a few cameras over time. The goal is always a small,cheap camera that takes good pictures. Something I can lose,drop or have stolen and the only thing I worry about is the film. The Ensign folder is kind of big for a pocket camera but not too much. The various screw mount 35mm are all small and easily replaceable. I don't worry about extra lens. If it can't be taken with the normal lens then I miss it. The folder uses the sunny 16 rule in place of me carrying a meter. I don't really need to focuss it. Just set it at F/16 [depending on the sun] and the focus out to hyperfocal. Not too much of a compromise when the lens wide open is 6.8.

Now the real issue. It's been below 0F the last two mornings. How do you keep your hands from freezing to the camera-))