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I think the gallery system is in for a serious shake-up that has already begun.
Bill! Early! Come up for air! Lol- just kidding. Good thread. Interesting to see things from the photographers side. Unfortunately Bill knows what he is talking about. I have contact with a lot of people who deal in photography. The grapevine says not all is well. Several galleries have let go staff and others have already closed or gone to private dealing. Not sure if online sales have anything to do with that but a lot of them do business on Ebay too. Two galleries here in Michigan have all but closed in the last couple of years. The Halsted Gallery was a mainstay for many years and they are now mostly private except for a couple special swhos they do in a rented frame shop. No more gallery. There was an upstart gallery in Grand Rapids that only seemed to exist for a couple of years. I hear they are still there, but I don't think they do showings any more. There were also a barrage of other upstarts around that same time taking on a lot of new, unknown photographers. I don't know if the galleruies are still there, but many of the hot new photographers seem to have vanished. Ken Rosenthal, Hiroshi Wantanabe, Ion Zupcu among others seemed hot at first, but I haven't heard much from them lately. It really is a dog eat dog world. I cant tell you that I know of any one except for the chosen few repping hot sellers that are making any real money. The galleries seem to come and go as fast as the hot new photographers. The real money or at least the sure money is with vintage photographs and not many of those photographers are still alive to enjoy! I bet Weston and Stieglitz would have had web sites! PD