Don and Francesco,

Mark (Byrant Labs) is working with his supplier to get a price that is competitive with PF. The first step was to establish if the compound was really photographic Glycin.

I will be exploring and comparing print developers (with Azo & Forte paper) over the next few weeks. I plan to compare Amidol, Ansco 130, PPPD and an Ascorbic Acid print developer for starters. The films will be Efke 100, J&C 400 and TMY 400. My baseline film developer is Pyrocat-HD.

I have done some film development testing on TMY with Agfa 8 and will do some more, both with Agfa 8 and with Ansco 130 (starting with a 1:10 dilution of the stock solution).

Initial results with the Agfa 8/Kodak TMY were encouraging - excellent acutance with minimum grain and good midtone separation at an EFS of 200. Shadow detail was ok - but not as good as I would like. Whether there will be sufficient density for Azo contact printing is another question - more testing is needed.

Francesco, on my "to do list" is substituting catechol for the hydroquinone in Ansco 130. A second "to do" is to add a smidgen of phenidone to the recipe.

Another avenue to explore is split development. I am mixing some Ansco 120 for this purpose.

By the way, I am about to become the proud father of a new Wehman 8x10 Field Camera (with 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 backs). The blessed event should occur either Friday or Monday.