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I haven't said anything insulting to you, in fact I think I'm usually very complimentary to you.
You are correct. I am sorry Brian. I did not mean to insult or offend you. I'll leave it with that.

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Bill! Early! Come up for air!
Again... I apologize.

You mention 2 galleries that represent me! As you can see, a lot has changed. Halsted is still doing quite well as a private dealer and still accounts for a large portion of my business... The Photography Room that you mention in GR is not very active. They still do the occasional corporate sale, but do not seek new photographers or regular exhibits. I feel bad about that as the owner is a good friend and I was very encouraging. I too have learned a lot since then and realize there just isn't the collector base here to support even 1 gallery in this state. Brian found it out the hard way, but not before giving it a good, college try. They are still open, but as you say are not doing any contracting with new photographers or regular shows. They now have a frame shop they rent space to and also use it as an office for his very successful architectural photo business. If you were ever there, you know what a fine space it was. Too bad the town didn't support it. They sure liked drinking the wine at the openings though!


PS. FYI - The Photography Room had all the photographers you mentioned as well. Ken I haven't spoken to in some time, Hiroshi is still going strong and Ion continues to do wonderful work and just had a museum show in his home town in Romania.