This has been a really entertaining read

Somewhere (lost in the recent move APUG made) in the Articles section, is a letter to the editor of mine that was printed in B&W Magazine several years ago, about how Internet sales from photographers personal websites could challenge established galleries. Basically I said that galleries call it a 50% commission, and I called it a 100% increase above what the artist got, and I questioned why wouldn't collectors want to buy straight from the artist's website and save BIG money. Maybe I'll re-post it. I think selling prints from your own website is a different world compared to e-bay, where I can't see myself selling.

Concerning photographing in your backyard, I consider the whole north coast of BC to be my backyard, and don't have a great desire to photograph anywhere else. It used to be officially known as "The North Coast Timber Supply Area", but was known locally as "the bush", "the inner coast", or "the outer coast". Now it's known globally as "The Great Bear Rainforest". How's that for a brilliant marketing plan

Of course...all I have to do is convert the garage into a darkroom this spring, get the prints up to snuff, build the website, and then the print orders will come avalanching in!