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Video cards, crt vs lcd, older model pc's, size of jpeg files, will all effect how photographs are seen on a pc from the internet and influence whether or not they will buy. .
I'm sure the above can indeed be a factor. It's also important to realize that web presentation equalizes ULF with Minox, platinum with inkjet, silver with piezograph etc. I've had occasion to see images at a NYC gallery, and then gone home to see more of the same photographers work online only to be bitterly disappointed. Not even close!!

Which makes me wonder if web presentation should include pictures of one's work actually hanging on a wall in a frame as well as straight-ahead scans. Pushing the potential buyer ever closer to purchasing probably needs the same kind of marketing imagery that furniture sellers use (think Crate and Barrel for instance), i.e. presentation in context. On an appropriately colored wall, a black and white photograph can look exceedingly good, and color photographs can use the same strategy they would use when choosing a colored mat for background wall.

But the bottom line, viz a viz my first paragraph, is that the work better be damn interesting because all the arcanery involved in making it just aint gonna be appreciated online!