I keep really good track of the where, who and how of all my print sales for my edition book. Last night I sat down and ran numbers for the year. I was very suprised to find that over 50% of the "how's" I have record of originated online. December was a freak this year with over 30... only 4 came from actual face to face sales. It is looking more to me as if online is going to be the way to go whether through eBay, an active online dealer or a well crafted personal website and promotion. As for the screen viewing quality getting in the way, I think most collecting and buying online realize that work is going to be far better "in the flesh". I really don't see that as a problem.


PS. Murray, I love your "backyard". When I use the term, I too mean my environs. It has always been my feeling that this is what an artist does.