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The logical question, since you worked for Kodak..is..who made them for Kodak? Did they do this in-house? The machinist/vendor for Kodak would be the starting point, wouldn't it?
Actually, they were made in the Research Labs metal shop, in the basement of B-59 at Kodak Park. They cranked them out in batches in about a half dozen different styles for film and paper coating. They also made a coating block with vacuum, heat and chill capability, and special drying cabinets for the hand coated sheets.

They were not adjustable as mine are, but rather were welded or milled at precut values and then engraved with the value. They came in sets at 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mil undercut. In the recent cutbacks they destroyed most all of them and were unwilling to loan, give or sell any to anyone. I did contact several friends in current management regarding this, and was turned down. In fact, I was refused any sort of help in any fashion by Kodak in my current emulsion projects.

A number of the people in the shop knew how to make them, but are now all retired. I doubt if a set has been made for over 20 years. Just about every individual who did hand coatings had several sets in different styles. In any case, I see little advantage from this even if I could find one, as they didn't care how much it cost, they just went ahead and made them. So, Kodak's blades probably cost a lot more than mine for all I know.

If I wanted to.... The former head of Facilities and Engineering at Research lives across the street from me. IIRC, he ran the metal shop. I never even bothered to discuss it with him due to the above lack of interest at Kodak and my feeling about their costs.