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Maybe Bill and others who have made that similar decision and have seen it turn into a fruitful career can tell their stories as well.
I think we've both done that ad nauseum Brian. I can't speak for you, but I'll leave room for others.

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And when one has 50 trips behind them, and 200 or 300 saleable images, it is possible to sustain yourself for quite sometime.
Good grief Brian, dream on. This has now gotten humorous. I fear there is a big wake-up call coming your way if you think this.

Brian... you asked before if I had some problem with you? To be completely honest... Yes. It is the fact that you think you can treat this like some factory job, put in the time and mass a body of work in a few years that will sustain you. What about growth? What about developing further? That is what an artist does. Did Van Gogh sit down and paint 30 Starry Nights, Crows Over a Wheatfield, etc. and then sit back and live off his riches? Give me a break.