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Ahh... a voice of reason.

No matter how talented, you're never going to just decide to do this, take pretty or even beautiful pictures and then make it simply because you want to or feel you are more deserving than the next person. The artist's path is littered with hopefuls like these that never got anywhere no matter how good or deserving. It is the painful reality of this life. Back to what I said earlier. It takes an element of luck... and not the kind you create for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bill, we both agree that it is a serious and difficult path to follow and that financial success is for most unlikely. I think where you and I disagree is over the aspect of luck. I believe that there is an affect of luck, but that a person can make their own luck. As an extreme example, if you choose to travel in certain social circles, i.e. some of your best friends own influential galleries and others are respected art critics, you have a serious advantage. Sometimes all it takes is one good review in an influential magazine or newspaper to make a career. Is that luck, or is it that you chose to befriend or network with people in a position to help you? Now I'm also aware that someone could bump into one of those influential people on the street and maybe make a connection. But who has the better odds? It's not luck that people choose to buy your work. You do great work, why wouldn't people buy it if they have the opportunity to see it? If you never show anyone your work, it would take luck for them to find it. But if you make a concerted effort to make your work visible, and in fact even market your work, you increase your "luck"

I'm far from famous or wealthy at this but I do feel that after 3-4 years I'm on my way to a reasonable career at this, If you chose to read my story about making my move, and it would be great if you told us yours, would you say that I was lucky or that I made very logical choices based on the results of succeeding choices. To me it all seems like A led to B, B led to C, etc.

Do you think the photos that you have taken are the result of luck as well? I can't imagine that you would think that given the years of experience you have and the efforts you've made.