Here's a whole page of between-the-wars images from Munkasci to comment on.
Born in Hungary just before the turn of the century, he moved to Berlin where he became a newspaper photographer in the "decisive moment" style, (which was later picked up by Cartier-Bresson after seeing the image of the native boys running into the water). He seemed to specialize in dymanic motion, and everything was as perfectly composed as HC-B (10 years after him).
Moved to America in the 1930s because of Germany's Jewish pograms, and switched styles to become Steichen's heir apparent in the fashion photography biz.
I just bought the Aperture book of his work, and am just as thrilled about it as when I first came across Andre Kertesz's Paris book in the '70s. But I do wish the reproduction was a little better.
I believe there will be an exhibition of both Munkasci and HC-B at the ICP next month.