I've looked at the archives for this and ran into a lot of questions and some dead links. The free plans on www.eepjon.com that were so popular seem to have gone away and I could no longer find similar info on Photographer's Formulary.

So, since this is a popular topic, anyone up for writing an article on making UV light boxes? The one on unblinkingeye is an excellent resource, but frankly I'm looking for something that will tell me more or less exactly how to make a generic 11x14 box as I don't have time for the design phase. Having said that, I will be glad to jot down a quick article about whatever I wind up doing and post it to serve as a boiler plate for others to add to.

I guess truthfully, it's neither the box itself, nor the wiring that put me off, but the cost & time required for what seems an otherwise simple project.

TheFlyingCamera had an idea that seems very attractive - buying existing 2-bulb fixtures and putting 6 of them together. Since the largest neg I'm likely to deal with is 8x10, this sounds good - any drawbacks?


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Art- if you want to try the really cheap method, and aren't going to initially print bigger than 11x14, Home Depot sells BLB fluorescent fixtures for about $17-20 each. They're made by GE - ballast, BLB bulb, housing all included. I bought six of them, and I screwed them to the bottom of an IKEA shelf that supports my regular 4x5 enlarger. If you put the housings tight together, you get about 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" spacing between bulb centers. I get very consistent results from it, with base exposure times in the 7 1/2 minute range. I don't have model numbers for the GE unit, but they had them in the store where they keep the under-cabinet fluorescent fixtures.