Now Bill and Brian, thanks for the interchange. I wonder how much we would have to shell out for a workshop to learn what you two have stated here.

Is it just that easy? Put up a website, do good work, and print sales will just flow? Boy do I wish! I have recieved some positive input on my website that I hope is truly honest and sincere and my work has been published by BrownTrout Publishers, an international publisher, my own calendar yet! I had expected print sales to trickle in but not like molasses.

As for availability of materials to print on, I think most agreee that digital prints do not have the same depth and tonality as silver gelatin. So then if digital papers were all that is available, what would we all do? Go alternative, platinum, coat our own, go digital or hang up our cameras for brushes?

Photography is truly the only really time sensative medium there is.