If you get your hands on the book I mentioned, you will see plenty of other kinds of photographs, e.g., portraits of Marian Anderson, Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple.

If you watch the DVD about Richard Avedon ("Darkness and Light"- hope I have that right), the Munkasci influence is evident, as Avedon and the models are jumping around.

I think there is an HCB picture similar to the three kids leaping into surf, but I'm too tired to look for it now.

When people talk about "originality" in photographs, it would be well to remember that there are damn few originals.

P.S. the photograph of Fred Astaire dancing is on the cover of the book I mentioned, and on the back cover is a picture probably taken seconds later, with his face to the wall and his feet in a complicated step (left foot behind right knee).