Aargh! A professional quality unit AND the Platinum-Palladium materials ... I REALLY wish I could do this Bruce, but I just can't right now. Post this in the classifieds section and I'll bet you have a taker pronto.

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Nathan -.

I've got an 18x20 (exposure area) Edwards Engineered Products UV light box that I'm planning to sell due to a physical issue in working 8x10 format - don't want to give it up but I must.

I constructed this 27.5” x 24” x 8” box to Edward's exact factory standards per the light box construction article in Sullivan and Weese’s New Platinum Print > > > Hinges, handles and screws are marine stainless and all wood is premium marine ply, no glue used. The "spec" equipment is: 12 x 1.5” 20 watt standard heavy duty fluorescent black lights, heavy-duty ballasts and heavy duty ventilating fan. This rock-of-a-box is 7 years old and has run flawlessly without any startup or cooling problems whatsoever. Exposure times with my zias and p/p’s take 12-25 minutes, though some of the more dense zias have run 1-1.5 hours. This bulky tank weighs 80 pounds and will be expensive to ship so my first hope is for a buyer within six car-hours of Wilmington NC (Atlanta up to DC) whom I could meet halfway and save the buyer substantial shipping costs. The alternative for commercial shipping - say to Texas - is to simply unscrew it (no problem) and ship the components in three separate cartons. The Freestyle and Bostick & Sullivan price on the equivalent factory box is $875 and I'm selling this one for $345/buyer pays freight. Included will be my remaining inventory of plat/pall printing chemicals and the Sullivan Weese book at no charge.

Email me at btry@bellsouth.net for further details and lots of detail images if you're interested.