What temperature do you need to keep the goop at? That was an Epson inkjet that uses piezo electric heads (Epson 7600 or 9600 to be exact)... I have a lot of experience with the previous 9500 printer. I would not recommend using the 7600 as the heads have a smaller nozzle and it generally uses finer drops. I would recommend getting a old (but functional) Epson 3000 printer (4 color) and drive it with something like Quad Tone RIP to put down a little extra goop. Viscosity will be the biggest problem unless the emulsion flows like water, anything thicker will not work. Also heat is the enemy of the piezo heads, too warm and the heads will stop working.

Note also that there are many industrial piezo inkjet printers that could do this job, mosy of the UV cure should be able to do it, but they cost more than $10,000USD to start.

And goop = whatever you are spraying.

Tell me more about the exact needs for the coating/curing process, and the exact specification of the goop you want to spray and maybe I can help. As you can tell, coating my own papers is something I have never thought of doing, but (gasp) I'm very familiar with the digital end of things and very up on my printer repair skills.