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... also, Sandy - when you say that you used the fixtures as-is, do you mean that you used the bulbs that came with it too?
I'm not in a big hurry, so if standard bulbs work a bit slower than BL, BLB, AQA, etc., I'm ok with that - now if it's a LOT slower that may be different.

No, the two-tube fixtures that I bought did not include tubes. You should use either BL or BLB tubes. Home Depot and Lowes may have BLB, since this is a kind of "party" tube, but probably not the BLs. But you can order them from a place like Top Bulb.

Some standard tubes (Daylight, for example) will work, but exposure times will be much longer, by a factor of 2X-4X.

Finally, make sure you get two-tube fixtures with electronic ballast. Much more efficient.

Sandy King