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"NAA" has already kicked in. God save me! My lenses are sitting on my kitchen table and I am itching to get home from work. I am already thinking to myself “Maybe I should get that second F2, or that F3HP at the camera shop before it is gone, and what should I get for a wide angle, a long lenses, and maybe a 100-300 zoom?”

Now what should I shoot first…

Take care,

Dave M

Quit while you still have hope! Whatever you do, don't touch a Nikon F3HP or a Nikkor 35mm 2.0 AIS! It will only lead to wanting to own them immediately. The F3HP (especially when coupled with the MD4 motor drive) has an unaturally solid and professional feel, perfect balance, much too perfect in the hand to resist any temptation not to buy it. Also, the 35mm 2.0 AIS is very sharp and feels like it was meant for the F3HP. The F3HP has an allure not seen in any other Nikon camera! I can't seem to put mine down! I love my F with FTN finder, F2A, F100, FM2n, and even my five other Nikon DSLR's, but none compare to my F3HP!