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Sandy (and others)

Please remind me the optimim UV frequencies for pt/pd printing -- and for carbon if they are different.

I was looking at some interesting bulbs and wondering how practical they would be. Eye Lighting makes a 450W Merc Vapor self-ballasting reflector lamp (#68633) -- screw-in type base (mongol). It has a peak at a wave length of 400, a peak at blue...and then peaks at yellow, orange and red, which would just be a source of heat as far as alt. processes go.

For my carbons I am using two 175W merc vapor lamps -- I'd like to simplify my system by using one lamp and up the wattage.

Thanks, Vaughn

Carbon in particular is most sensitive to wavelenghts from about 350-450 nm. (Actually, it is very sensitive to radiation below 300 nm but the glass of our frames cuts this out.

I have no personal experience with the 450 watt self-ballasting mercury vapor lamp you mention, but I think it would probably serve your needs better than the two 175 watt bulbs. All mercury vapor lamps put out a lot of useful radiation for exposing carbon.