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I'm not sure if there is a similar benefit anywhere else in the world but if you buy from 7dayshop in Britain, you do not pay VAT (value added tax).
It's unfortunately a benefit available only for the Brits. Since 7days are shipping out of the Channel Islands, the merchandise is tax exepmpt for citicens of Britain. But since the Channel Islands for tax purpouses lies outside the EU, VAT (and customs fee) is added to the price when ordering to f'rex Greece or Sweden.
Now, the customs officers doesn't always have a very keen knowledge of the intricacies of British geography, and to my experience there is a 33% chance that VAT and customs will be added when ordering to Sweden from Jersey. Greek customs may be more strict -- or more leninent.
BUT it is more or less a moot point since 7days (and some other Jersey based companies) only deliver to Britain nowadays.

bemoaning this -- MW