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Then again...one need not climb aboard the gallery driven treadmill quest for fame.
You can say that again Murray. Like I said before, in this business the bank account rarely matches the fame. If you've got a good job that feeds your family... keep it. Those of us that don't are left to run that treadmill. From my perspective, anyone not independantly wealthy that would quit a good livelyhood to do this has not fully thought it through. Best to keep it as a hobby, avocation or passion. If you can sell a few prints on the side to feed your habit, all the better.

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..defacing my best negatives to create an artificial scarcity after I have pulled ten prints from them, repulsive.
Edition or not, I would NEVER deface a negative.

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As far as being in the back of B&W as a "wannabe" I would just say it has been a very cost effective promotion..
I certainly never meant that disrespectfully. I am extremely happy to hear that it has worked out for you as I have not heard of much success with those ads. Congratulations!