Interestingly, I have been shooting HS basketball for several years now both with and without on camera flash. I have never had a complaint about the on camera flash - yet. I switched to the strobes this season, and, again, so far so good after shooting 2 tourneys with 16 different teams from all over Northern California. In the big HS year-end playoffs there are always 2-3 shooters, all w/ on camera flash - all shooting under the basket.

I am thinking about adopting a new strategy when the League play starts in January, and that will involve a letter to the coaches advising that I'll be shooting their game with strobes. I saw a letter on another group I belong to that a BB shooter sends out pre-games and it was well articulated. I do have mixed thoughts about it however - am also thinking leave well enough alone, given that in all those pre-season tourney games, it's not been a problem w/ strobes. But, the letter would serve as a marketing vehicle as well, so that's a plus. Ahh what to do.

Any thoughts on this approach?

If anyone's interested, here are some strobed pix -