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That seems valid for those who enjoy money and merchandising more than doing photography. However, it would deprive friends and neighbors the pleasure of owning my photos, too great a sacrifice. It would also have denied the world much of the genius of Eugene Atget, Edward Weston, Gene Smith, and many others. Photography means galleries to some, pictures in print to journalists, creativity to artists, wedding gigs to others, and snapshots to millions. Inexpensive quality prints at local venues can be satisfying, too. There's room enough for all of us.
Jim- you missed a point in the next sentence or two--

If in the end it means you lose the smaller market galleries and your "affordable" sales there, then you do that. Maybe you don't do that now, at only four years in the "art" business, but at some point you'll have to, unless you want to intentionally limit your sales and your income. That's a value-call for you to make, and not one that anyone else can make for you, or for anyone to judge you by.
I said that if he wanted to go down a certain career path, which by approaching prestige galleries about showing his work, he is suggesting he is interested in, then he will at some point need to switch tracks. If not, then he doesn't need to. I also said that it is a judgement call that he needs to make for himself, and none of us should criticize it because we're not the ones who had to make it. I agree, there is room for all styles of photography marketing under the giant art tent. Certain styles will lead to certain outcomes - you just have to decide which outcome you want, and if you are willing to make the compromises it requires to achieve it. If you want fame and fortune from your artwork, then you go down the major gallery marketing route. If you want to make your friends and neighbors happy, then you don't market your work and don't put a pricetag on it. There's also lots of space in-between. Just, whatever path you choose, please don't become another Thomas Kinkade! There's enough mediocre overpriced kitsch in the world as it is!