I have been having a great discussion with someone regarding testing and within that discussion the following issues have come up :
1. he wants to have all film and formats developed for the same times
2. where did the idea come about with using grade 3 as a standard for 35mm film.

Now, i know i did not just come up with the thought that grade 3 was a better option for 35mm , but i can't remember how and why that became a standard starting point.

I have started doing a lot of research to figured out where i came up with this thought as well as it has to do with the short toe of 35mm film.

Does this ring a bell with anyone else? If so how, where, and why.
Is this just an old wives tale?
When i learned the Zone system there was no such thing as MC papers and i made my negatives to print on graded paper (3). And so far no book that i have opened even goes into this area.

With regard to option 1, i think it is going to be a nightmare. Has anyone else ever tried this.

Which leads to another question about why the same film, different format has or may have different development times. I always thought it was due to the type of emulsions.

it is amazing how we use information for a long time and stop thinking about why, etc. So this has been a great opportunity for me to re-think a few things.