I don't usually get involved in threads such as this one for a variety of reasons, but I feel strongly in this case. It is my opinion that given the relatively small price difference between Bostick and Sullivan's offer to APUG members (see thread in this forum), the members of APUG should be supporting one of the sponsors of this site. There are other reasons as well. But first, may I point out that if indeed the price from the "alternate source" is $9/gm, unless you are buying more than 40 grams of Pd, the offer from B&S is a better one financially with the ferric oxalate factored in. And you will need ferric oxalate to use along with that Pd you are buying. Even without the FeOx, a 15% price premium for 25 grams is still only $37.50. I understand the desire to keep costs down only too well. I work in 12x20 format and print with a 50-50 mixture of Pt-Pd. But I still purchase my materials from B&S and pay a premium for the services they provide.

I will give you an example of what I'm talking about. Last June, I was teaching a week-long Pd printing class at the Cleveland Institute of Art. The first day of printing, we discovered the entire batch of Platinotype had the dreaded black dot disease. I called Kevin at 4:00pm from the Institute and told him of the problem. They had just received a fresh batch of Platinotype that day. Kevin Fed Exed replacement paper overnight to the Institute for 10:30am delivery at no charge. The bad news as most know by now is that even the new batch had black dot disease. I confirmed the problem by bringing in some of my own stash of Platinotype for the class to try which proved to be good. We finished the class with some of my own COT320. Later, Melody gave me full credit for the COT320 that we used from my own stash. Now that is service!! Will the person coordinating the Pd purchase do that for you? Read Dana's offer again. Will the alternate source mix the Pd for you including the NaCl?

I am going to go out on a limb and make the statement that probably none of you would be making Pt-Pd prints were it not for Bostick and Sullivan. They pioneered the resurgence of this process back in the 70s. The Palladio Company tried to make a run of it for a number of years, but they are out of business. Other chemical supply houses came along after B&S started offering Pt-Pd chemistry. If any of you are using NA2, I guarantee you that you would not be using it today were it not for the R&D done by Richard Sullivan and the introduction of NA2 as a contrast agent at APIS 2001 in Santa Fe.

If the price difference were 35%, 40% or more, I might understand, but the difference is miniscule in the grand scheme of things and I believe you should be supporting Bostick and Sullivan, a sponsor of this site.