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Isn't anybody at all worried about archival permanence?
Generally speaking, no. Speaking to a professor friend of mine, she said that for an assignment, a student showed her a digital image that had been way over-sharpened. She suggested that he go back to the original file and correct it -- but he said he had already deleted it. Hmmmmmmm.

Another example...someone took a snap of a child with his digital camera and showed the child the image on the camera's screen. The kid was thrilled, but when the fellow offered to print it for the child, the child said, "Why? I've already seen it."

A society flooded with images (and the flood just's starting) tends not to see the need to save any of them.

My prints will last a half millinium or two -- as long as the paper they are on doesn't fall apart. Kinda of scary -- a bad print of mine could be looked at mid-millinium and I can almost hear them say, "This carbon print from the early days of photography is a classic example of work that should have been tossed out centuries ago. But we keep it because it is old."