Hi Matt.

I'm new as well, to the board and photography (though newer than you). Why do I do it? Because whatever it is you shoot, it'll never be exactly like that ever again. Because I love to look at the images. Because I love to share the things that I think are special and beautiful and interesting. I love to focus in and get life to something that maybe someone else hasn't bothered to really look at. For some people an old railroad bridge is just an old ugly failing structure - but there's beauty in it if you look at it the right way. If no one agrees - oh well, it will still be beautiful to me and long after it's gone I'll still have the photos to remind me of something that once was. And that is the other part of it, being able to hold and remember something after it's gone - a beautiful windmill, an old ship, a crumbling bridge, woods, flowers, animals.