I just had a chance to try this camera in a store yesterday. It's not bad, but it's not really a user-friendly type. My complaint is the menu dial, which is very slippery and so hard to use. Also, the exposure compensation nob feels too cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if it would fall out in regular use.

The size of the body is like, between Contax T3 and Leica M body, and that's kind of nice, to me, though. And what's actually really nice is the shutter noise that is far quieter than those two, or any other cameras I know, and it operates really fast. In that sense, it's like the AF version of Konica Hexar, but far better, and it certainly made my T3 feel like a dinosaur model.

And the focusing seems pretty good and accurate. At least when I tried, it didn't stray like some high-end compact AF cameras would do.

But I don't know the picture quality of it since I wasn't able to put film in it...