Well,my ULF-28 arrived. It was crated and heavily packaged with thick cardboard. It made the trip from New Jersey to the west coast with not damage whatsoever. It was shipped by a comany called Watkins which has been taken over by FedEx. The rates were excellent. $200 for shipping a 200lb box 3000 miles. Not bad. Home delivery was exceptional. They kept it for a week while I was away for Christmas with no storage charges. They did a great job of keeping touch with me as to the exact time of delivery. The delivery man was super. I was sure to ask for a truck with a lift gate and I suggest this for anyone getting one - Amergraph has to specifically request this and it made a huge difference in lowering the crate to the ground. It is heavy, so moving it up stairs would be difficult. Fortuately I live on the ground floor. I unpacked it and took the unit inside. It comes out of the box\crate in a single piece all ready to plug in and use.

The electrial requirements are 120V, 60Hz, 15 amps. The manual says that the unit must be connected to a dedicated power line. I ordered a Variac that will supply a steady 120V. If my line is only 105V, for instance, I can get 120v and 20amps out of the variac. Sandy, did you have a dedicated line? Do you know if the line was a consistant 120V? I am pretty sure I can isolate the line inside the house to the ULF-28 and use the Variac to increase the voltage to 120V. That should provide stable power. If not, the Variac ca nbe put to use with my coffee roaster!

I haven't setup up the unit yet. I will need to get a work table setup and wait for delivery of the variac.

As for pin registration, there is a warning in the paperwork of the ULF-28:

Premature cacuum blanket wear or broken glass could occur if pins of creater heith are used. Take proper precautionary measures to ensure the unit is set up properly.

All on-retracting pins should be sushioned to prevent premature vacuum blanket wear or the possibilit of breaking the glass. Register system manufacturers normally recommend .040", .070" or .110" pints for contacting or platemaking.

I have Condit pins. Does anyone know thei height of these pins?

That's about it for now. Once I get it setup, get the voltage correct and start making prints, I"ll get back to everyone with results.