You want a missed oppertunity? How about this one....

About 6 months ago, I was driving into the mountains outside Tucson. I was on a main road and was still in the city, although the houses in the area were on 5-10 acre plots and many were ranchettes. Still though very much civilization.

I'm tooling along in the jeep when I come over the top of this little hill. On the road below me is this THING.

Now at first I thought it was a dog. It looked border collie sized. But the tail and carriage were all wrong. The movement was all wrong too as it sauntered across the road.

I realized it was a bobcat. An honest-to-gawd bobcat.

I pull over and creep to the side of the road where it disappered.

And there it sat under a mesquite tree. About 15-20 feet from me. Just STARING at me. In the same way a housecat stares at you. That "So what do YOU want" look.

For a good five minutes we just looked at each other. Then it just wandered off.

And about 30 minutes earlier I had decided to leave my Nikon at home.......