I had a Lynx as a pet cat for 17 years. A fantastic pussy cat, although kind of big. He was a real softy, and let the small kids ride him around the backyard. The only two times we saw his real wild side come out was when our home got broken into. The perp as the TV shows like to call them got pretty messed up. Blood, clothing bits and such everywhere. I guess he made the mistake of trying to put the cat into the closet! The second time he was laying on our front step minding his own business when this Black Lab came up on the steps acting very unfriendly. Tiger (that was his name) tried to ignore him, but once the barking and nippng got to much there was a quick flurry of fur and the dog was dead. Had his throat ripped out. The owner was standing on the curb the whole time and didn't do anything to stop his dog. Then he had the nerve to cry foul! Tigers paws were huge and the tufted ears really cute. We eventually had to have him put down due to a brain tumor. A very sad day indeed.

I'm not surprised the Bobcat just wanted to play. Now Cougars on the other hand are a totally different story. Those guys are just plain mean.

Currently it's warmed up to -20C here in Calgary. Taking the LF outside right now just isn't in the cards. Spent last night going through my old copies of B&W Magazine.

Now to get this back on topic, I wished I had taken a picture of Tiger playing with the local toddlers. They all loved him, and he them.