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The electrial requirements are 120V, 60Hz, 15 amps. The manual says that the unit must be connected to a dedicated power line. I ordered a Variac that will supply a steady 120V. If my line is only 105V, for instance, I can get 120v and 20amps out of the variac. Sandy, did you have a dedicated line? Do you know if the line was a consistant 120V? I am pretty sure I can isolate the line inside the house to the ULF-28 and use the Variac to increase the voltage to 120V. That should provide stable power. If not, the Variac ca nbe put to use with my coffee roaster!


Congratulations. Good luck with the unit. I do not have a dedicated line for the ULF-28 and that has resulted in the lamp not striking from time to time when other fixtures are drawing power from the outlet, so you really do need a source of steady power to the unit. I had a similar problem with a NuArc that was using a nearby outlet, though not the same one the ULF-28 is on now.