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I use the Jobo Expert 3005 on the Unicolor 352. Possible big problem is that the large diameter drum did not make a complete revolution before reversing. I ended up modifying( 555 timer and a relay) my Unicolor base to allow 2 revolutions before reversing. This is similar to Jobo system. But I never tried it as-is so it may be OK with less then one turn. I pour the chemicals in using a flexible funnel while the drum is turning. Others say that they just pour in and then put it on the base. My drums like to walk off the base so I use a stand to limit side movement. Or maybe use rubber bands. System seems to work Ok. I also use it with a 3006 drum.
Chuck, can you give me more detail on how you midified the base? Is this a radio shack parts type of job, or a send it out to an expert job?