Nov / Dec ::
So the Nov /Dec assignment was not exactly a raging success ... so Blansky is off the hook for the judging and I guess we'll try again.

Going Forward :
Picking up on some things that were mentioned in the last set of suggestions, I'd like to suggest that for Jan 2007 we should look a bit bigger. It was suggested that we rarely look at landscapes when we do these sorts of projects, so part of the MSA will be landscapes. Transportation was also suggested as was the subject of parallels.

The Next Assignment
So, the MSA subject for Jan 2007 will be parallels in a landscape/cityscape setting with extra merit (brownie points) given for including transportation as part of the scene. The landscape setting doesn't have to be a "grand" landscape, but it must be a long or wide view
Remember that "landscapes" don't necessarily have to be just nature. They can include city scenes also as long as it's a long, wide, or long and wide view taken from a long distance.

This theme runs for January and February and the next theme will start in March.

Any questions?? Please ask.

Remember that the person selected (by me) as having submitted the photo most representative of the theme gets to pick and judge the next theme.