Alright, so it's hypothetical situation time. Let's say I shoot 8x10 and want to make enlarged prints from my negatives. And let's say I'm really only interested in making 16x20 prints from my 8x10 negatives. Wouldn't it then make sense to build what amounts to a single-size enlarger to satisfy that need? Once could build a full-featured enlarger. Or buy one of those enormous Durst bohemouths. But if you're really only interested in making one size print, why bother? A single-size enlarger, be it vertical or horizontal, strikes me as having the freedom to be quite a lot simpler in design and construction than an enlarger that must be capable of adapting to myriad negative sizes and magnifications.

I'm wondering if there's really any reason to not build an enlarger in this configuration. True, people change and with them their preferences for print size, but let's just assume for now that for a period of five years or so, I really only want to make 16x20 prints from my 8x10 negatives.

Thoughts? Ideas for construction of something like this?