It is so nice to find a photography forum that contains actual photography and not a sorry hybrid of too much digital and too little film. As a member of I spend most of my time frustrated and annoyed. It seems the whole site is dedicated to and run by digital color imagers. I call the “photography” they undertake imaging because while they are creating images, these images fall far short of being actual photographs. By definition photography is writing with light on a light sensitive surface such as film. There is no definition that I can find that talks about computer chips converting light energy into numbers and then pixels. Though I guess I am preaching to the converted, or should I say, preaching to the uncorrupted. Digital has taken over much of our world and in many cases it is for the better, but digital has no place in the serious art photography. Art photography (I’ll use that term, pretentious as it may be, because I lack of a better one) is not about producing pretty and interesting pictures. Art photography says as much about the photographer as it does about the subject. It is a process and a craft that cannot be replaced. To call the Digital Darkroom a darkroom at all it pure marketing bullshit, it implies that there is a parallel to be drawn between the images that are manipulated on a computer screen and photographs that are created in an actually darkroom. Recently I say a post on where in one photographer remarked to another that Photoshop made him a god. How absolutely pathetic, Photoshop may allow those who aspire to make “cool” looking picture an easier way to so, but it kills the actual art that is inherent in the traditional photographic process.
Sorry, I’ll step down off my soapbox now. Let me just say that it is good to be apart of this site.