I ran into this problem last Fall when I decided to try taking my old Toyo View out into the field. I didn't want to be limited to working out of my trunk or disassembling and reassembling everything for every shot or busting my *ss trying to wrestle the camera, tripod, etc. more than a few yards.

My solution was to design a small wooden frame with wheels that can be clamped between two legs of my tripod, effectively turning it into a hand truck. The camera can either be left in place on top of the pod or bungeed onto the frame which lowers the center of gravity and makes it an even lighter pull. Either way the camera doesn't need to be disassembled at all.

I designed it as I was building it and the miracle (aside from managing to avoid sawing off or drilling holes through any essential parts of my anatomy), is that in the first few field tests it has been a joy to use, allowing me to trek far beyond the boundries of the parking lot with little hassle.

Obviously, this wouldn't serve for long distance backpacking photo treks but it bounces right along over rough ground and deafall and lets you get as far away from the road as your incentive and energy allow.