The deadline for the Ilford sheet film special order is nigh and the presumed main player in all of this, JandC Photo, remains completely incommunicado. Yes, yes, I know all about their move. But I am the customer here. I am the one footing the bill and I can't get the time of day. All I would like is some reassurance that everything is on track. But everything I observe indicates otherwise.

JandC Photo announced their move to new quarters and on their website state that they plan to return for business on January 15, 2007. This is coincidentally the same day as the deadline for the Ilford sheet film offer. That leaves damn little time - as in none - for customers to resolve any issues or questions they might have about ordering. JandC Photo does not answer emails, PM's or [attempted] telephone calls. Some six weeks ago I wrote a post inquiring as to how I was to place an order with a company which wasn't answering emails and had disconnected their telephones. That thread has since disappeared from the Sponsors Forum and I was able only to find it by doing a search. Not really surprising then that no one, including the firms who will profit by my expediture, has bothered to answer.

And where did the thread go? Why is it not still in the Sponsors Forum? The deadline for this has not yet passed. It is still germane. Why has it been removed from public view? Sean?

To further complicate matters, there is this thread, opened by Simon Galley who states that Ilford's distributor in the U.S. will be Wynit, Inc. What makes this disturbing is the last post (as I write), from Fred Newman/The View Camera Store, himself a sponsor of APUG, in which he states that Wynit, Inc. is not aware of the Ilford sheet film offer.

Are you kidding me? Wynit is not aware of the film offer? If this is true, then who is handling this? Here I am, poised to spend hundreds of my hard-earned dollars to purchase film and the supposed U.S. distributor for Ilford doesn't know anything about it? And the key player in all of this isn't answering emails; isn't updating his web site; and has disconnected his telephone lines? And pertinent APUG threads are disappearing from the forum?

I can tell you right now that none of this fills me with confidence. Understand that I would be happy (and I want) to purchase film. And I'm happy to support the businesses involved. But the customer is just being left completely in the dark here with his wallet open. Could somebody please step up to the plate and give us the facts?