Golly fellas, sounds like you both need to set up your own business and make the order work out on your own.

I can't and won't apologize for J&C's lack of communication, but I can say that they have a full plate and are hard-pressed with the move, inventory, ordering and bills to pay like we all have. Add to this a new building, construction costs, schedules, staffing and hopefully you can see the other side of things. If John is putting the order together, I imagine he will be back in communication, once the dust from the move settles. He has done a lot to help us all with our film needs, perhaps it is time to allow him a bit of leeway to get the business up and running again.

When I had a problem with some 8x10 sheet film (which was cut incorrectly at the factory) a few years back, he was right there and no questions were asked as it was replaced at his cost. It just seems to me that we might try to extend the same courtesy when he needs a bit of time.

I suggest you both invest in a large walk-in freezer and then stock up, once the order gets placed. In the mean time, 35mm is cheap to buy and shoot. Why not polish up those ULF skills with a 35mm camera? tim

P.S. Sorry to twist a nose or two, but life goes on.