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If John is putting the order together, I imagine he will be back in communication, once the dust from the move settles. He has done a lot to help us all with our film needs, perhaps it is time to allow him a bit of leeway to get the business up and running again.
No. This is business and there needs to be accountability. And besides, I have been patient until now. If I am being asked to ante up a large amount of money, I need some reassurance that the mechanism is in place to produce the goods. I sat down to the computer last night with the credit card out and was ready to place an order until I saw the post claiming that the U.S. distributor is not even aware of the sheet film offer. If true, then that is simply inexcusable.

I honestly hope I'm getting worked up over nothing. I need film. And I'm willing to pay for it. But until I have something more to go on than sheer speculation ("I imagine..."), I'm not putting one penny on the table.