Hey Guys,

A few of us are planning a large format group shoot in Central Park on February 3. Anyone can show up with any camera, but non Large Format photographers should keep in mind that the LF folks cover a lot less ground in a lot less time.

At this point we're just beginning the conversation about how this will work. Thus far it has been suggested that we meet up at the boathouse (warm, has coffee) and then go out and shoot.

It would be fun if a few people are willing to let others try out their camera, since renting various cameras can be expensive and there's nobody in the field to show you how they work. Just an idea. If people are interested in that I'm thinking it would be helpful to know ahead of time. If there was a model I was particularly keen to try I'd rent some film holders in that format and load them up before I went. I for one would be willing to let people have a go with my 11x14 Wisner. I only have five film holders for the day, so if you actually wanted to shoot some film with it you'd need to dig up a holder. (on second thought, if someone has a large changing tent that might do as well...)

Anyway, if you're interested feel free to respond to this post or sign up for the Northeast LF Event Mailing List I started by going here:

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