Actual books, I'm published once. "Wheels", about motorcycling with my son when he was young (age 5-8), includes 50 photos, about 95% of them taken by me. Remainder taken by misc. family members / relatives.

"Doug Grosjean's Alaska Trip Report" on, about a 1999 motorcycle trip to Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest Territories and back to Ohio on a pair of BMW motorcycles. One was destroyed in a crash above the Arctic Circle, see Day 13. Some sort of Internet hit, generating several thousand emails / fan mails to me from readers. Assuming a 1%-5% reply rate (to the article), reads could reasonably be in the hundreds of thousands. But since I never had a counter on it, actual number is unknown. Shrug.

Photo of Dearborn, Michigan's Rouge River in fall color, used in a brochure put out by "Friends of the Rouge." I'm told it exists and was used with credit, but I haven't seen a copy.

Some guides to local whitewater rivers here in northwest Ohio, on the American Whitewater website. Search on Maumee River, Portage River, and Sandusky River. I know it's my text on the Sandusky and Portage, not certain about the Maumee (all are in my backyard, 2 are on my daily commute). Text only there, no photos (at least not by me - my MF gear doesn't lend itself well to travel by kayak).

Miscellaneous motorcycle articles on the Internet and in print, mostly on the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association, but sometimes elsewhere as well.

Other miscellaneous photos used in various places as well, normally just for credit given.

Googling "Doug Grosjean" will dig up many, if you're really curious. But in this crowd, I doubt that the above is any big deal, or at least it's not out of the ordinary.