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I dont know if things have changed in PN, but I remember I while back a lot of members were upset because of the ratings system and the apparent over use of PS. In the end it became a big stink.

One thing you will find here is that people upload their photos to share. Sean has done a great job setting up the galleries and you will find that the quality of the photography is IMO very high compared to other sites. Since most here do not manipulate the image and some, like me, are beguinners at scanning and could not manipulate the image even if we wanted to, I feel the photography uploaded is truly representative of the work.

I think is refreshing to know that the image you are seeing comes from a real paper print and has actually been printed to show and is not an electronic version that who knows if it could ever be printed and have the same impact.
The level of PS on photo.net is still really high and you would be hard pressed to find a member that will list the manipulation they put their image through. They all pretend that the image that is viewed is the image that was captured. As far as the scanning goes, I too scan from a print with an old flat bed scanner. It does drop the quality which is frustrating. The most common problem for me is a decrease in sharp focus, the majority of scans make the print look soft.