The initial post of this thread expressed concern about a lot more than J&C. This is not specifically a thread about J&C and it is not - and should not be - intended to "smear" anybody. Please don't twist this thread into something it isn't.

I simply want to take advantage of an offer advertised by J&C. But there are some other circumstances which are red flags, most notably that the Ilford U.S. distributor, Wynit, Inc. claims no knowledge of the film order. We're not talking about two or three bucks here. My order will be the better part of a thousand dollars. That's a lot of money to me. While there remains a legitimate concern about the means by which the goods will be delivered I'm not about to go committing to an expediture of that size without first researching it. So I AM doing my research. I am not "whining", but asking some very legitimate questions. It would be very helpful if Ilford themselves would make a public statement.