Was wondering if anyone has a proven design for a 70mm to 120 size film
cutter they would be willing to share. At the present time I believe there are
two folks who currently cut down 70mm infrared film to 120 size for resale.
I think that just to try out the film, $12.00 per roll wouldn't be bad. If you were
someone who really enjoyed shooting infrared in medium format, then I would think the only cost effective means would be to construct your own film cutter.
I did try film from one of the folks who advertises on the web. This was a cut down version of the Kodak 70mm to 120 and re-spooled. The problem I ran into was that the cutter design required pulling the film across a knife edge. I ran into long scratches on the film. I think the perfect design would have the film stationary and a moving cutter wheel running the specific length of 120 format film. Since Kodak dropped the 4x5 format in infrared, this cut down stuff is my only means of filling my infrared appetite! Thank you!